Coolant Line Pinning/ Fix For Porsche GT1 Engine

Coolant Line Pinning/ Fix For Porsche GT1 Engine

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The Porsche Mezger engine is a remarkable engine that is quite stout, but as time passes, coolant line failure seems more common. When Porsche made the GT1 engine they used an epoxy to hold coolant hose fittings into the main water pump housing. As the engine ages and the number of times it has heat cycled goes up, the risk of the epoxy failing goes up. We offer this service to someone who has experienced this failure or to someone looking to preemptively take care of the issue. This is a engine out service where your engine is stripped of all accessories, water pump housing removed and cleaned, the fittings are drilled and tapped (if still in tact) or replaced and welded if failure has already occurred, then the engine is re assembled with new gaskets and put back into the car.

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