Dyno Tuning

Boosted Creations offers custom Dyno Tuning to many different makes and models. We utilize COBB protuning software, APR software, and other proprietary software to offer a custom-tailored solution. 
Our in house Dynocom AWD 5000fx dyno is mechanically linked to best simulate road conditions. 
Dyno Tuning Supported Platforms:
Evo/Wrx/Sti/Other Open Source Tune 
Cobb Accessport Tuning 
GM OEM Forced Induction
GM N/A Engines 
GM Non OEM Forced Induction 
 * May Require PCM Unlock At An Additional Cost
Standalone ecu's
Please inquire for more information and pricing
 For Vehicles not listed, Please inquire 
All tuning fees are flat rate and include dyno time. If any mechanical issues arise during tuning and tuning has to be stopped to address these issues, a labor rate of $150/hr will apply.
Contact us with any questions or to set up an appointment.
A $175 non refundable deposit is required to secure a date and time slot for the dyno.