Ring GT-X, FRP Seat (Custom)

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The Ring GT-X looks the same at a glance but is different in many ways. A combination of the Ring and Ring GT, the lower hip portion of the GT-X is the same size as the GT but flared out on the thigh bolsters to allow for even more space than the GT. Its slight V shape still gives great support in the leg area but without compromising function. The top half of the Ring GT-X is the same as the Ring seat to accommodate fitment in cars where the Ring GT is too wide. Now, with the narrower top, the seat can fit both larger drivers and in smaller tuner cars.

The Ring GT-X is fully customizable with over 60 color and fabric options available at no additional charge. Pick from options like our Daytona, matte finish, marine-grade vinyl for that luxury leather look or go all suede for comfort and style. The combinations are almost endless.


Custom built and shipped in about 4-6 weeks.


Contact us to spec your seat.